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Top Picks for Kitchen Canisters and Dry Food Storage Solutions

Food Storage Solutions

If you’re looking for a stylish way to store flour, sugar and other pantry staples, look no further than this top pick from OXO. They’re slightly larger than average and have a sleek design that makes them a nice addition to your kitchen counter.

This set comes with a set of 24 reusable labels and lids that are dishwasher-safe. They also have an airtight seal and are easy to clean.

1. Crate & Barrel White Ceramic Canisters

The Aspen Canister Set combines style and function with thick stoneware painted crisp white that looks pretty enough to display on the kitchen counter. This hefty, stackable set includes four containers, each with a slot to keep a stainless steel measuring spoon handy. Though we tested this set of kitchen storage jars for dry goods like sugar and flour, it’s also well-suited to storing coffee beans or whole grains. The square shapes mean these canisters are super easy to stack and they’re clear, so you can add your own labels if desired. Plus, the lids are sturdy enough that these container sets hold up against accidental drops (although we recommend you don’t place them on shelves above waist height to avoid a kitchen catastrophe).

Inspired by fern fronds, rows of graceful curves emboss this medium ceramic canister with texture, pattern and botanical beauty. A creamy, lightly speckled glaze finishes the stoneware vessel and lid, while a silicone gasket seals tight to help baking ingredients and coffee beans stay fresh. This canister pairs beautifully with other coordinating pieces in the Fern collection, and it coordinates with many other styles of modern kitchen decor.

Tempered glass is often the best material for a canister, as it’s affordable and heat-resistant. Tempered glass is also less prone to shattering when dropped than plastic. If you’re concerned about plastic leaching into your food, choose a glass option that has been labeled as dishwasher safe and is free of BPA and other chemicals.

For a modern twist on traditional canisters, try a marble or even vibrant-hued ceramic design. Kitchen jars in these colors instantly elevate any countertop and can easily complement other rustic, cottage or farmhouse kitchen décor. Just make sure to clearly label each container to prevent any ingredient mix-ups.

2. Better Homes & Gardens Canister Set

Keep your kitchen counters organized with these food storage containers that are a great option for flour, dried beans and pasta. Made without Bisphenol A (BPA), these containers keep ingredients fresh and are also easy to open. Plus, the clear container allows you to see what’s inside at a glance, so there’s no need to label each one. These are also dishwasher safe, but be aware that you will need to remove the lids and hand wash those before putting them through the dishwasher.

This set of four airtight, stackable, glass containers from Better Homes & Gardens comes with plastic scoops that attach to the underside of the lids. They’re stylish enough to show off on your kitchen counter and easy to open with a simple snap. These aren’t the most durable in terms of dropping resistance, though, and their lids don’t close as tightly as some of the others we tested.

These are classic canister-style storage containers that will fit into most pantry settings. They’re not as attractive as the glass options on this list, but they do a good job of keeping foods fresh and have wide openings that make it easy to measure ingredients for recipes. Their handles are also a bit narrow, which makes it difficult to carry them by the top, so you’ll want to avoid that unless you have two hands free.

These are classic glass food storage containers that have a unique vacuum seal system to help keep foods extra fresh. They are known to stain less than other glass containers and also to keep smells at bay. However, they weren’t as durable in our drop test as the Le’raze Kitchen Canisters and may be more prone to cracking.

3. Progressive – Prepworks ProKeepers

If you love to have your flour, sugar, coffee, or other baking staples out on the counter but don’t want them to spill or be prone to shattering, this stackable set could work well for you. The stoneware canisters feature a simple, clean design and natural wood lids. They don’t lock in place as securely as some of the other containers on our list do, but they passed our leak test and are sturdy enough to stand up on a shelf without falling over.

A strong rubber seal keeps out air and water, and the set also includes a handy measuring scoop that snaps inside. It’s dishwasher-safe, and many buyers rave about the quality of this product. Some comment that they plan to buy more sets for their own kitchens, or give them as gifts.

Cereal containers can be a lifesaver for anyone who’s ever experienced the heartbreak of opening a box to find that it’s gone stale. They also make it easy to grab a bowl before you run out of time to get breakfast on the go. The flip-up lids on this container set are easy to open and close, and they fit a whole box of cereal.

Vacuum-sealed storage containers are great for preserving fresh produce like berries, herbs, or greens for longer periods of time than normal. The specialized containers have special bottom trays that hold water, and they use a flow-through system to release moisture as needed for the contents. Some are even designed with engraved instructions for proper storage of specific kinds of food, so you can be sure your veggies are at their peak when you’re ready to eat them.

4. Rubbermaid – Brilliance Four-Container Set

If you want an attractive set of pantry containers that are a step above the plastic options, try the Rubbermaid Brilliance line. This collection is made from a sturdy Tritan plastic that’s shatterproof and crystal-clear for an easy view of contents. They’re stain- and odor-resistant, too, so they keep food fresh. They also have tight seals to help prevent spills and feature lid clips that lock in place for a secure fit. And they stack on top of each other neatly in your cabinet or pantry for easy storage.

This set includes four containers: a 16-cup container that holds the equivalent of a five-pound bag of flour, a 12-cup sugar container, and two 3.3-cup containers for pasta or cereal. While the tall, narrow design means they’re not a great choice for storing spaghetti or other long pastas, they are ideal for flour and sugar, and you can add more containers of different sizes to the collection to suit your storage needs. They’re not as durable against drops as some of the other canisters we tested, though, and their lids popped off during our fall test.

If you’d prefer to use glass canisters instead of plastic, the Le’raze Kitchen Canisters are a good option. They’re a little more expensive than the other plastic sets we reviewed, but they also come with a silicone ring that adds an airtight seal. They’re also designed to be stacked on each other and come with a slot to hold a stainless steel spoon so it’s ready for scooping. During our testing, we found that these canisters kept foods dry and aerated, and they held up well to the microwave. They also stayed nice and clean in the dishwasher.

5. Le’raze Kitchen Canisters

The Le’raze Kitchen Canisters offer a sleek design that adds elegance to your kitchen. The clear glass containers are paired with wood lids that complement the sleek style. The airtight seal keeps your ingredients fresh and the glass viewing window allows you to easily identify contents. You can use these storage jars in the kitchen to store your favorite dry foods like flour, sugar, coffee beans, pasta, and more. These containers are also great for storing office supplies and arts and crafts materials. The jars are easy to clean by hand or can be put in the dishwasher for convenience. The jars are the perfect size to fit in most cabinets or on your counter top.

The wide opening of these jars makes them easy to fill and the rounded corners make cleaning easier. The rounded edges also help prevent spills when adding or pouring liquid. The jars come in different sizes to accommodate your storage needs. You can store a large amount of your favorite dry ingredients in these containers or smaller amounts of snacks and baking supplies. The jars are made of durable high-quality glass and the stainless steel construction is rust-resistant and can hold up to hot or cold temperatures.

The Le’raze Kitchen Canisters are a great option for people who want to cut down on their plastic usage. The jars are BPA-free and have a tight seal that prevents crumbs or sugar from getting hard or stale. They also keep insects like pantry moths out, and the jars are easy to open and close. These storage jars can be used as a decorative element on your counter or as an alternative to plastic canisters in your pantry.

Top Picks for Kitchen Canisters and Dry Food Storage Solutions

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